These days, everyone reads reviews. People base their buying decisions on reviews.

Unfortunately, the most unscrupulous among us have sort of made reviews get a black mark due to publishing biased reviews on crappy products and services that they are earning an affiliate commission from.

So, why will an unbiased review get you more sales? Because people will trust what you have to say when they know you are being honest with them. Here are some things to keep in mind when it comes to posting reviews online.

Be Upfront about Affiliate Commissions

Not only is it a good idea to be upfront about affiliate commissions and let people know that you make money when they buy – it is actually the law.

Lots of people try to put this disclaimer in fine print so that hardly anyone sees it, but you should actually be stating it directly and telling people upfront before they read a review. You should also include that the fact that you are making money from it will not affect your review whatsoever.

Be Honest about Product Faults

Make sure that you are honest about the faults that a product has. If you try to downplay the bad things about a product and enlarge the good ones, it is basically the same as leaving out the faults altogether. Make sure that people know exactly what they are getting with a product or service.

Don’t Promote Crappy Products

Finally, make sure that you only promote products and services that are really great. This way, when you create a positive review on something, you are being honest about it, and customers that buy based upon your recommendation will actually like the product and may even come back to comment about how honest your review was. Always remember your integrity is what matters most at the end of the day. When you show your audience you are true and authentic they will buy from you time and time again because they know you are REAL.

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