January 20, 2021

You may be wondering what is ClickBank and how does it work?

Online marketing has taken a center stage in the business sector currently. Many business people have opted to conduct their marketing on the internet; this is because currently, you can access a lot of people on the internet than anywhere else. Online marketing has then led to the development of online affiliate marketing; these are marketers who help in marketing products from the developers or retailers by directing traffic to the retailer’s website using a link.

What is ClickBank?

ClickBank is an online market platform where people are able to buy their favorite products. ClickBank works as a network affiliate marketing platform. The platform deals mostly with the products that are downloadable, so you cannot expect products which will need delivery on this platform. ClickBank gives affiliate marketers a very big platform that enables them to choose among a variety of products and market them.

How do you become a ClickBank affiliate marketer?

Becoming an affiliate marketer is one if the best businesses you can ever do online, you get to make some real cash by just marketing products for developers or publishers in this case. ClickBank affiliate marketing is one of the best affiliate marketing businesses because of the availability of very many products that you can choose from. There are very many people who are working with this platform and others trying to join but can’t just find a way to do that. I am going to take you through a few steps that will help you join the platform as an affiliate marketer for free. By the end of this few steps I hope you will have successfully joined ClickBank affiliate marketing as a marketer;

  1. Open an account with ClickBank

The very first thing you will need to do is to open an account with ClickBank. Go to their homepage, While on the homepage tab, look for the place writer sign up and click there, this will take you to another tab which will be requiring you to give information that is basically about you. The information required includes; your names, and just make sure you are providing the accurate name with the right spelling. The second thing you will be required to provide is your email address. I have just named a few, however, this is not the only information you will need to provide, there is a lot more but it is just the basic information about you. This registration is absolutely free. The platform also allows you to choose a nickname which is common as your user name.

After filling out all the information in the spaces provided and registered, ClickBank will send you an email giving you your username and the password. After that you will have successfully created a ClickBank account. However, this is not all you need to be an affiliate marketer you need to go on with the next steps

  1. Choose a product to promote

The second step is finding a product that you will be marketing. This is still done on the home page of the platform. Check out the marketplace tab and click on it and search for the best product you think can sell out easily. When choosing a product, make sure that you have done a good research about the demand of the product in the market. You can only be able to sell a product that is on-demand because if you choose a product that is not on demand you will never find clients to buy.

Things to consider when choosing a product for promotion

Before you choose a product, you should consider checking the following things for you to get a good product for marketing;

  • Statistics

It is very important to check the statistics on ClickBank. The information about the product is always there on ClickBank when you go to the product. You will see the information provided about the sales of the product and the profits the product has realized this will help you to determine if you can choose the product or not.

  • Reviews

This is the most important thing to check. You will be marketing this product to the public; this is the reason why you should consider checking what the possible clients are talking about it. If the reviews are all negative or a majority of them are negative, you can already know that it will be difficult to market the product hence it will be a good move to avoid such products.

  • Gravity of the product

This is basically the information about the product in relation to other people who are marketing the product. This indicates how popular is the product and the competition that is there when it comes to people who are marketing in. if the gravity of the product is high, it means that there are a lot of people who are marketing the produce. This information will help you to be able to choose a product which has fewer people.

  • How supportive is the retailer

A product that has its vendor helping you out by giving you the necessary information and tools you can use for your marketing is the best product to go for.

  1. Get a hoplink

This is the third step in becoming an affiliate marketer. In this step, ClickBank will; automatically come up with a hoplink that you will be using to draw traffic to the website that will be making purchases. You can use the links anywhere on different platforms on the internet to make sure that you are reaching a large number of clients.

  1. Earn

This is an interesting one. Earnings will keep coming basing on the commission that you make as you market your product of choice. When you reach this stage it means you have successfully become an affiliate marketer on ClickBank.

How to earn a commission on ClickBank

The main goal of joining ClickBank affiliate marketing is earning through affiliate marketing. But how do you earn, you can join and fail to know what to do so that you can earn the commission.

So how does the whole system work?

This is how ClickBank works to make sure that you are earning from it some commission;

  1. Find a product to promote- after you have created an account with ClickBank, the next thing is to find a very good product that you will market. You will then get a hop link that will help lead your clients to the product. The hoplink is very important and unique to every marketer; it shows that the traffic originated from you.
  2. Do the marketing- the second thing after finding a product and the link to it is marketing. This involves posting the link on your website and other social media platforms so as to get the clients to follow the link.
  3. Following the link- the clients will click on the link that you have placed on different platforms and as a result, the link will direct a lot of traffic to the target website and purchases will be made which will increase your commission.

How are your earnings calculated?

This is the most confusing part of the payment, most of the people who want to join ClickBank affiliate marketing are not aware how are the commission is calculated, this is what scares them most because they think their efforts might not be compensated in the right way. Here is a breakdown of how the commission is calculated;

First, the overall commission that you should receive as an affiliate marketer is dependent on the commission rate of the product you are marketing. Every product on ClickBank has its own commission rate which is provided by the retailer or the vendor; the rate must lie in between 1 percent and 75 percent. The calculation is based on the net sale that remains after ClickBank has applied its charges; the remaining net sell is multiplied by the percentage commission rate of the product. When this calculation is done, you will get the commission on the product if the product is sold through your link.

What you will need to put in mind while making this calculation is the commission rate of the product you are marketing, the second thing you should know is the remaining net pay after ClickBank has deducted their among, all you need to do then is to take the percentage rate commission of the product and do a multiplication with the remaining net sell amount.

How do you get paid?

In ClickBank affiliate marketing you will only be paid if you have passed the minimum payment threshold. This is applicable mostly to beginners. If you don’t understand this, you can check your threshold requirement in the settings. For you to receive your money, you must be registered to one of these services because they are the only methods that are used to pay you.

  • Payoneer

This is a well-known money transfer agents that work around the whole world. For those who are conducting their business online and get their payment online, they must have opened an account with Payoneer. For you to be paid on ClickBank, you will have to provide your account details if you have one.

  • Direct deposit

This means that there is an option of ClickBank transferring your money straight away to your bank account. However this service is not provided for in all countries, you can check on the website if your country is among the countries that can enjoy the privilege of direct deposit. If you have confirmed that you are in one of those countries, you can go ahead and provide your bank account information.

  • Using a check

If you provide your account information, ClickBank will send you a check through a mailbox. Sending a check is what is preferred by ClickBank as their default method of payment; all the others are just alternatives.

  • Wire transfer

This is a very big relief to those people who live in countries that cannot enjoy the direct deposit of money. If you provide your bank details, ClickBank will be able to wire you the funds directly to your bank account.

All you need to know about payment when using ClickBank

There are certain important things you should know as an affiliate marketer working with ClickBank affiliate marketing.

Payment threshold

This is the minimum amount of money that it is a must for you to have in your account as an affiliate marketer working with ClickBank. This amount is selected by you which ranges between 10 dollars and 1 million dollars, however, the default that you will find there when you open an account is 100 dollars. However, you can always change that when you go to settings.


These are some of the deductions that you may face as an affiliate marketer. These include; debit backdating and return allowance which is deducted to solve the issues dealing with the quality of the services given to you.


There are refunds sometimes if the products are brought back with the evidence of lack of quality among other things. If the return of the product is done by the law, then there will be a refund.

To sum this up, you will appreciate that getting involved in affiliate marketing is one of the profitable online work that you can always enjoy doing as you earn. First the platform is free to join, you will need no money to be a member, and all you need to do is to just sign up, get the product you want to market; get the link and start working. The rates of payment are good and reliable, the methods of payment are good too, this is because of the varieties that allow you to switch between them at any time you want without straining.

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