So you want to be an affiliate marketer?


Many people do. They’ve read success stories on marketers working from home, and earning high.


And most of us would like a lifestyle like that. Who wouldn’t want to make thousands working from bed?


One Problem.

Affiliate marketing is a tough field.


You need years to make a sustainable income. Success comes with great, and endlessly putting out content.


How? This is what we’ll explain.


We’ll describe what is affiliate marketing, and how does it work!


First – The Identity.

With affiliate marketing – you are a salesman.


You find businesses selling products. You then market that through your blogs, social media, and channels.


For every successful sale, you earn a commission.


It’s a simple concept. It’s the world of salesmanship taken online. And online, there are many businesses seeking marketers!


Second – Market on Your Domains.

We mentioned blogs, social media, and channels.


With affiliate marketing, you don’t make sales calls. Nor do you show up at a client’s doorstep…


You publish content online. From there, you backlink to a business’ product. And that’s how a commission is earned.


Tracking Systems.

When back-linking, you use special “affiliate hyperlinks” to track your efforts.


It’s how profits are calculated. Through those links, a record is kept of customers brought, and whether they convert!


At the end of each period (month), your commission is calculated. It’s then wired to your bank account/PayPal, etc.


What if I Don’t Get Paid?

Don’t worry about that.


There are major services that mediate between businesses and affiliate marketers.


Those networks provide the affiliate links. They do the tracking, supply analytics, and ensure you get paid consistently.


Third – Affiliate Networks.

For examples, check out Amazon Associates and ClickBank.


Both are programs that connect marketers and businesses. Both supervise affiliate transactions (for a fee).


You need one, especially as a beginner.


What About Working Out of Networks?

You can do so. Those are called “sponsorships.”


There, a business contacts you to market their product. And they pay high for articles on your domain.


But that’s for popular content creators. For now, stick to the basics, and slowly grow your audience!

To YOUR Success!

Matthew Trujillo

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