Based on statistics by, internet users spend an average time of 46 seconds on a web page. This means that within 46 seconds your online business must attract the customer, make a persuasive proposal and close the deal.

Competition has never been this prevalent and it grows by each day that passes. Verisign indicated a 15.8 percent growth in domain registrations back in 2003. Today the total number of registered domains stands in excess of a whopping 60 million, and the .com consumes the lion’s share.

So what can you do to get noticed and achieve greater E-success?

The following tips can significantly boost your chances of online success.

Target the Un-Targeted

It is important to thoroughly known your market and target those needs that haven’t been seen by your competition.

eBay is a typical example. The company was quick to identify people’s desire to make money from selling used products. It realized the need to create an online platform where buyers and sellers of used products could meet and interact. Ecommerce technology and tools helped the company build the platform and the rest we all know.

Don’t aim at starting small, but start on the right side.

Strong Business Planning

You should have comprehensive knowledge of your revenue sources. Divide your time and other crucial strategic details right from the start, then decide on the objectives to achieve. You need to know the perfect moment to expand your business as well planning for long-term sources of revenue.

The online business can be cruel and unforgiving—it can bring about catastrophic changes at rapid pace. Be prepared well in advance to face these upheavals and also have plans in place to counter the turbulence.

Use Business Friendly Software

Always get the right easy to manage the software that enables you to focus on your main business objectives. Whether it is ecommerce software or business management software, always make sure that it suits your business requirements. Analyze the software in-terms of functionality, security, scalability and how much you can customize it.

Invest in software that doesn’t just satisfy your current needs, but one that also allows for future needs.

Create a Web Presence With a Difference

The importance of a website for your business cannot be stressed enough. You don’t just need a website, but THE website! If you are still using that old shabby website that was created back in 2003, then forget about being noticed. You need a modern, vibrant and dynamic website that makes use of the latest web tools and other technologies.

Your site should be able to integrate newer technologies easily, and you need the right content and optimization to make your mark. Go with a good domain name that best describes you and promote it through blogs and social media. If your audience is to take you as an expert, you need something like and not

You need to be found all over the web when people search for you. Increase your visibility by being an influential entity.

Build an Email List

I highly recommend you start building an email from scratch from day one. When you have an email list of people you can get engage with who opted in for additional information you can reach out at any time and recommend products on demand. Having an email list is very important especially if you plan on building serious business for the long haul.

To YOUR Success!

Matthew Trujillo

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