January 20, 2021

Success is a tricky thing to define. What may constitute success for you could be considered a failure to someone with different goals in mind. The steps to success and unlocking your internal motivation are much easier to clearly define. Let’s take a closer at the steps to success that you may not have paid enough attention.

1. Stop Telling Yourself No

Many times, we sentence ourselves to a life without success before we’ve even had a chance to fail at something. Instead of digging deep and finding our own internal motivation, we search for external reasons why we cannot accomplish our dreams and/or the tasks set in front of us each day.

The first step towards success is silencing that little voice in your head that keeps nagging you and telling you no. By changing that “no” to a “yes”, you are in a much more advantageous position than you were before and it cost you absolutely nothing. No seminar or self-help book needed.

2. Do The Legwork

Many motivational “gurus” give their clients the wrong impression. They impart the wisdom of the first step and make it seem as if that is all that needs to be done in order to climb the ladder of success and have all of your wildest dreams come true. But even the best of intentions do nothing for a person unless they are willing to back them up with hard work.

When the inevitable moments arise when you wish to quit or give it a rest, take a moment and think about your competitors. Do you think that they are taking it easy or letting their emotions get the best of them?

Not hardly, and if they are, this is your opportunity to pounce. Having talent is great, but it is essentially meaningless unless you are able to put some elbow grease. Hard work beats talent when the talent does not care for working hard.

3. Don’t Be Easily Defeated

So you’ve changed your outlook and your work ethic, yet you still have not been able to make your dreams come true. The reality is that there is no such thing as an overnight success. While it is easy for a person to take a defeat personally and retreat into wound licking mode, those who rise above the momentary failures and continue to pursue success make it the furthest.

Even if you do not achieve your goal, don’t be afraid to pick yourself up, dust yourself off and try again. Allow the experiences of failure to teach you, instead of making you bitter. Chances are, there are some good lessons in your past failures that you are allowing to go to waste.

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To YOUR Success!

Matthew Trujillo


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