Why Relationships are Important in Affiliate Marketing

You may be wondering why relationships are important in affiliate marketing. When it comes to affiliate marketing, there are lots of things that are important. Having a good product and a good pitch page are both important factors.

Search engine optimization, pictures and well-written squeeze pages are also important.

But none of those things are as important as building a relationship with your readers – and especially the people that are on your email list.

Why you ask are relationships are so important in affiliate marketing?

You see, it is much easier to convince someone to buy from you if you make friends with them first.

Think about this in real life. If your friend and a stranger on Craigslist were selling a laptop for the exact same price, and you needed a laptop, then who are you going to buy from?

Your friend, obviously. That’s because you have built some trust with this person and want to further that relationship.

It works the same way when it comes to email marketing. If you send out emails that do not build relationships, then you are a stranger to your readers. They aren’t going to be responsive to your emails and they definitely aren’t going to want to react positively to your sales pitches.

In fact, people tend to ignore emails from strangers. They might not actually unsubscribe, but they aren’t going to read what you send them.

On the other hand, if you can establish a relationship with them in the first few emails, then they are going to continue to read your emails and will respond well to a subtle sales pitch. But you have to get them to read those first few emails by crafting clickable subject lines and by drawing them in with the very first paragraph.

Once you have them interested, then provide value to them and build the relationship with every email.

To YOUR Success 💯

Matthew Trujillo 


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