January 20, 2021

Preliminary Steps on How to Do Email Marketing

Everybody must have already heard regarding the effectiveness of email marketing; how easy to do it and how cost-efficient it is. Email Marketing makes businesses realize instant sales from their customers. What is more important is how it builds and maintains a long and lasting relationship, which made-up the foundation of every successful business.

It is high time for online marketers who already adopted marketing with the use of email to realize remarkable results of email campaigns and the idea of building a lasting relationships with loyal customers. For beginners, who have not started yet, it is a great opportunity to know how to do email marketing and learn the strategies to make it work efficiently. The goal here is simple: to do email marketing right using and applying the right tools.

The key is to consistently send persuasive emails to existing customers and prospects with the intention of hearing from you and given their permission to send them emails. The tools you will need are actually the existing ones: an email account, a reliable internet connection, and an efficient computer.

The steps involved in how to do email marketing are the following:

Step 1. Consolidating the Names – The step involves gathering names and placing them in a highly accessible and centralized location.

Step 2. Built the Email Address List – Build the list of your existing customers, the past customers, and the prospects. This is an important step to begin an efficient email marketing list.

Step 3. Develop Email Campaign Mix – Deciding on content and frequency is crucial in email marketing. There is a thin line between not enough and too much in email marketing to build and maintain lasting relationships. Most customers that opt-in to the email list accept combining a variety of content at various intervals.

Step 4. Write the Emails – The text of the email is critical. Ensure that the email is written to the point with convincing content, irresistible offers or stimulating news. It would help if you try to look for some samples of emails with good content.

Step 5. Choose the Recipients – It is at this point, where you will choose the customers or groups who will be receiving the specific email. This can be done using the right software.

Step 6. Send the Email – Timing is crucial when sending the emails. If the email is intended for business people, sending the email earlier in the week is the best timing.

The foregoing is just the preliminary step on how to do email marketing. It is important to always update your business with the latest tools and strategies related to email marketing.

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Matthew Trujillo


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