New to Digital Marketing? Here 4 Different Types of It!

Marketing is a diverse field. Especially the branch of digital marketing.

There are many facets to it. And they all come together to form a successful marketing campaign.

Today, we’ll mention those 4 types of digital marketing. Check them out, and research each in-depth!

#1 – SEO.
Short for “search engine optimization.”

It’s the most well-known type of digital marketing.

SEO is about optimizing your content for Google. You modify coding, keywords, and content structure to rank higher.

SEO itself has its own sub-branches. And they include…
Keyword research.
Content creation.
Keyword use in URLs and content.

It’s a specialty in its own right. But mastering it is vital for online visibility!

#2 – SMO.
Short for “social media optimization.”

As the name implies, it’s about your social media presence.

Here, you optimize your posts, your social media ads, branding strategy, etc.

And unlike SEO, this is less about pleasing search engines. And it focuses entirely on your viewers’ tastes!

#3 – Content Marketing.
SMO and SEO are both done on your domains.

You do them on your website, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

However, content marketing happens (mostly) on other websites.

It focuses on getting backlinks to your domains.

How it Works.
You create content. You then post that content on other “high traffic” sites.

Those could be new sites, other famous blogs, or other people’s social media.

You then add a link to that content. Readers who check that content can click that link, redirecting to your site.

It’s how you advertise yourself on other people’s platforms. And speaking of that…

#4 – PPC.
PPC is what old school marketers think of digital marketing.

Here, you buy ad space by keywords. For every click (or impression), you pay money to the advertising network.

Putting It All Together.
Is that all for the different types of digital marketing?

Absolutely not! There are other types. There’s email, influencer marketing, affiliate marketing, you name it!

However, the previous are the “basic four” that comprise most of your efforts.

You need them all. And specifically, you need an expert that can perform the best at each!

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To YOUR Success!

Matthew Trujillo

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