Looking for an affiliate marketing platform? Here are the top 5 options for beginners

When it comes to minimal activity, we are all experts. However, when it comes to earning money with minimal activity, it is something not many people know how to do. Regardless of the context, you are giving it (well, maybe not completely regardless), the whole idea of earning money while you relax and watch Netflix sounds heavenly, at least for those of us who hate doing things. This is known as a passive income.

There are many ways in which you can earn a passive income, a savings account, by buying stock. If you have such things as a blog or any kind of website, a way in which you can do it is by joining affiliate marketing programs.

These programs work in a way that you have to do to earn money is rather simple. You only have to refer a product to someone else, and if they buy it, you get money. You will have to introduce the product or service to your audience, and they can access the page to buy this product to your unique affiliate link. If someone buys the product or service through the said link, then you will receive your commission. So, in fewer words, you recommend a product or service to your audience, and if they buy it through the link you give them, you get a percentage of said product or service’s profit.

Though there is a lot of strategies, it still is one of the easiest ways to make a passive income. And if you do it correctly, you could be earning a good amount of money every month.

If you are a beginner, Today  I will break them down affiliate networks for you and explain the basics so you don’t have to do a whole lot of research by yourself.


Peerfly has been around for a while now and has some serious benefits for those who want to use it. Since the CPA model has is particularly helpful, especially if you have a small audience. This is because actions are easier to get than a sale, and as a consequence, you get higher chances of success.

Peerfly is offering a bunch of great things that make it a good platform if you are just getting started. First, they’re supported by a good reputation that has lasted a decade, since they have been around since January 2009. Also, Peerfly offers numerous options for you to select, the platform has over 2,000 clients, not to mention over 8,000 affiliate opportunities for you. Also, even though it has lots of options and is an overall strong platform, the company itself is rather small, composed only by 15 individuals. The company is very small compared to the giants its main competitors are. Don’t let the fact that they are small managed to discourage you, though. Peerfly has an A+ in Better Business Bureau, it also has zero complaints unaddressed.

Another advantage you might see on this platform is the fast payment they offer. They have a Net30 payment schedule and as long as you have met their $50 minimum you will get paid every month the commissions you earned.

It also has tons of payment options. While most systems have only direct deposit and PayPal, with Peerfly you can choose between PayPal, Bitcoin, checks, Amazon gift cards, or direct deposits if you live in the US. If you are an International user, then you can choose between PayPal, Bitcoin, and Payoneer.

Also, as we already mentioned, it has a CPA system (meaning Cost Per action). Most affiliate networks have what is known as a cost per sale (CPS). This is great for beginners because it means actions like downloading ebooks, filling out surveys, or similar stuff can also earn you money, and your audience doesn’t have to buy something per se. The commissions aren’t as high for actions as they are for sales, but you usually get more commissions. This is what makes the main difference between Peerfly and other platforms, and also what makes it great for beginners who don’t have a very big audience or who still aren’t experts on strategizing their affiliate campaigns.

2. Flex offers

Even though this platform is rather young when compared to other platforms, it still is a great choice, especially for beginners. It was founded in 2008, so it is new-ish really. However, despite it being younger than its competitors, Flex offers can offer you more than 12,000 merchants that belong to over 25 different categories. It is also offered across 27 different countries, a number that is increasing fast. The number of merchants is also increasing by hundreds every single week. Better Business Bureau hasn’t rated it yet, which might be related to the fact that it is rather young. The company also has zero unfulfilled complaints addressed to them.

Just like Peerfly, Flexoffers also gives out quick payments and it is particularly good at it. Whenever you successfully refer a chair the platform will pay your commission within 30 days from the purchase. Like Peerfly you need to meet a $50 minimum balance, though. And, it has space for growth, if you become one of their best sellers they can even pay you within 7 days from the purchase.

A disadvantage it has, though, is that it doesn’t have as many payment options. Within the United States, you can get checks and direct deposits. However, the only option available for international users is PayPal.

Something that differentiates Flexoffers from other platforms is that it assigns you a dedicated account manager that will help you navigate the affiliate marketing options you have. You won’t have to be worried about how you still don’t know how to strategize on affiliate marketing, or how you being new is an utter disadvantage in front of veterans.

So, when it comes to this platform, don’t let the fact that it is younger than its competitors fool you, you will get a lot of affiliate options, great user support, and quick payments in your pocket.

3.Amazon Associates

Another one of the best affiliate marketing programs for beginners to make money. Honestly, just the fact that it is backed up by one of the leaders and the most important sites of e-commerce in the world already makes it one of your best options.

It is one of the oldest online marketing networks there is, in fact, it also was one of the first that existed. It started in 1996, so it is really a while ago.

One of the benefits of this platform is that you have a really (like really) huge catalog to choose from. You can promote almost anything from Amazon’s massive catalog, regardless of the products are digital or physical.

Also, as mentioned above, it is backed up by Amazon. The multimillion-dollar company that has over 90 million paying subscribers into Amazon Prime. You can be sure this platform isn’t going to go into bankruptcy anytime soon. Unlike the previous two platforms, Amazon has a B+ in Better Business Bureau ratings, however, considering that the company is much bigger than the other two, it is probably not a bad grade at all.

Amazon Associates also offers you a lot of different payment options, such as direct deposit, checks mailed directly to you, or (obviously) Amazon gift cards. However, the payment schedule is probably not the best. First, if you decide to get paid by check you’ll be charged with a $15 processing fee. Second, the platform takes about 60 additional days after the month you earned your commission is over.

The unique part about this affiliate marketing program is that they offer the entire Amazon catalog, this is something no affiliate network would be able to match in matters of the sheer volume of physical and digital products. This ensures there is no way you won’t find something that appeals to your audience. However, Amazon policies do forbid email marketing, meaning you cannot send your affiliate link through a newsletter or any kind of email. Definitely keep this in mind if you have email marketing as one of your main promoters.

Though Amazon Associates might be a little better for veterans, anyone who is familiar with Amazon will feel capable of managing this network. If what you want is to promote services, this is definitely not the platform to go with. But, if you are interested in promoting digital and physical products, personally I don’t care to promote physical products.

4.eBay Partner Network (also known as EPN)

Similar to Amazon Associates, this platform is backed up by one of the giants of the internet, eBay. The company has over 175 million buyers a year that are constantly purchasing stuff, so much, that it sums a total of $23 million in merchandise value every year. Just like Flexoffers, this network was founded in 2008, making it relatively new compared to its main competitors. However, its partnering company, eBay, has been around since 1995. Just like Amazon, because it is backed up by eBay you have millions of options where to choose from, and even though this is strictly limited to physical products, you will get 1.1 billion listings you can choose from since that’s the amount eBay offers. Since it is backed up by eBay, you can also be sure this is not a site that will go away anytime soon, on the contrary. Also, the Better Business Bureau has given eBay A+ in ratings. When it comes to payment, eBay Partner Network is also one of your best options, since it will pay your earned commissions monthly as long as you get to your 10-dollar minimum (which is significantly less than $50). It is also rather flexible when it comes to the ways in which it can pay you since it offers direct deposit and PayPal for everyone.

The main difference eBay Partner Network offers from the other marketing programs is that it has a special option that allows you to promote what they call unique offerings. Quite unique if you ask me. Things like William Shatner’s toupee, for example, are among those “unique” things you can end up promoting. If you are in the EPN, promote something like this, and the transaction actually happens, then you could earn a commission on it, and this thing usually sells on quite some money, so it would be a rather big commission.

This platform is very similar to Amazon Associates in the way that you have a lot of physical products to choose from and that you are backed up by a giant in the internet industry. So, if those are things you are looking for, EPN is a great option for you. Also, the fact that you only have a $10 minimum makes it great for beginners, since it could take you a while to learn the whole strategy for making more money, and $10 really isn’t hard to achieve.

5. ClickBank

I saved the best for last. ClickBank! Clickbank along is a platform that sells digital affiliate products it is definitely one of the best affiliate marketing platforms for beginners to make money. Not only is it a company backed up by over 20 years of a great reputation, but it is also one of the biggest affiliate marketing platforms in the world. It offers millions of options when it comes to choosing the products you’d like to promote and they have zero unresolved issues. Not only that but something that is great about ClickBank is that you get a flexible payment schedule. This means you can choose how often you get paid, whether you want monthly, weekly, or bi-weekly payments, or however, you want to organize it. However, there is an issue when it comes to payment options since you can only choose between wire transfer, direct deposit, and Payoneer. Another issue with ClickBank is that, while the platform is very well-respected on its own, some products they offer are questionable, so be careful and try to avoid getting into subpar products. You can only promote digital options but if you don’t mind, then ClickBank will give you a million options to choose from.

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