January 20, 2021

List Building Techniques to Help Grow a Profitable Email List

The presence of social media marketing provides businesses with the essential opportunity to establish a connection with customers. However, this social marketing strategy should boost rather than deter email marketing efforts. Although the number of Facebook users is astounding, they are still assailed by numerous people that are owners and users of an email address.

Efficient email marketing maintains its role in the area of modern online marketing. The current concern is the effective application of list building techniques in reaching the target, responsive email list. The following are proven techniques that one can implement on the website along with the presence of social media.

Providing Freebies – Everybody wants something in exchange for nothing. People will be more than willing to entrust their email address if that something is valuable. These valuable items include the privilege to attend a webinar, cost-free report or ebook, access to exclusive membership and a free set of videos.

Encouragement to Viral Element – Providing encouragement to subscribers in sharing valuable content is one great essence in the list building techniques. Just ensure that you lessen the friction to share the freebie by extending social sharing buttons.

Widen Your Net – One of the most useful ways in syndicating content is by blogging the article. Whether it is on your personal blog or posting as a guest, you must provide an invitation that will serve as an encouragement for the readers to subscribe. Another valuable way is to provide video content to your audience.

Setting up of a Landing Page – A landing page is used as a preliminary sales information page that tends to invite the visitors in signing up in order to get the complete sales message. The technique is to secure the visitor’s email address before they are able to get access to the full details.

Attractive Bonuses – Offer visitors enticing promotional discounts in exchange for their signing up to the email list. Examples are discount coupons or collection of reports at the lowest price possible. This extends the immediate qualification of subscribers to be potential customers.

In applying list building techniques, you need to be transparent in the company privacy policy regarding the use of the data provided by the subscribers. This is crucial to break down the initial trust barriers with the customers.

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