For you to understand better how to navigate around ClickBank marketplace you must first understand what ClickBank marketplace actually means

What is ClickBank Marketplace?

The ClickBank marketplace is a platform where there is a lot of information about the available products which is provided by merchants. The information that is provided on this platform includes the available products, the statistics of the products, the sales and the available materials used for promotion. This information is viewed by the marketers and it helps them to make choice of products.

Before any marketer chooses a product, the must first check the information about the product well, the ClickBank marketplace is the place where they search this information. This platform contains all languages and so it can be able to serve people from different regions equally.

How do you search information on marketplace?

Searching for information on ClickBank marketplace is not as easy as one may think. To find the best results for the best product you will need to do a search in more than just one search. If you are new in this you don’t need to worry, I am going to take you through the searching process for you to understand the categories and options of searching that are provided for you. These options include;

  1. Basic search

When you go ahead to the searching, you will see this as a first option that you have. This option contains filters and attributes that can help you be specific about your search. In this option you will only need to key in the keyword and search for whatever you need. However this search is very shallow and it cannot give you the best of results, if you want better results, you will have to use the second option which is advanced search.

  1. Advanced search

Advanced search is the next option you have after the basic option. This option contains other small sub-sections that you will need to understand for you to be able to search for our results efficiently, these sections are;

  1. Advanced search

This has the following sub-sections

  • Enter keywords-This is the very first section you see when you open up the advanced search page. In this section you are required to enter the keywords that will help you get the best of the results you are looking for.
  • In this category- in this section you can be able search the product you are looking for according to the category in which the product belongs, you can also choose to let the category to display accounts.
  • Exclude words from search- in this section you can enter the words you feel they should not be displayed in your search results.
  • Results per page- in this section you can be able to select how many results can be displayed on every page.
  1. Stats

This sections has the options that has basically the information about the products, it has the following sub-sections

  • Product gravity this is the statistics of a product, it gives information on the number of affiliate marketers that are marketing the product. As the number goes up, it means there are more of them and when the number is lower, it means there are few of them. You can also filter the results here by using the value.
  • Avg. $ / sale- this is the average of the value of a dollar per sale to the marketer. This value has both the initial payments and the rebill payments included.
  • Initial $/ sale- this indicates the value of a dollar in the initial payment pre the sale to the marketer.
  • Avg %/sale- this is then average percentage commission to the marketer per sale. The rebill commission is included
  • Avg Total Rebill- this is the average value of the dollar in a sale.
  1. Type of product

This is the third section you will need to know about, the section contains two types; these are the shippable media which when selected it will display only those accounts that have products that are physical. The second one is called pitch plus which only display accounts that have pitch plus upsell flow.

  1. Language

When you click on this section there will emerge languages which when selected, the accounts will come which have those languages only.

  1. Billing type

This section has just two types of billing, there is one-time and recurring. If you click on the one-time it will only display the accounts which have the products which are one time. The second one is recurring, with this one, if you click on this one; the account will only display the accounts which have recurring billing options.

  1. Vendor activation date

If you choose this section it will display all the accounts that belongs to the vendors that were created just below the date that is indicated.

  1. Affiliate tools page

In this section there are options that when clicked it will only display accounts which belongs to the vendors that have affiliate tool page.

When starting I always recommend you find some training and learn from someone that has experience rather than trying to learn all this yourself the hard way.

How can you make your search results better?

Sometimes you will need to search something which is more than just searching using keywords. Using keywords will bring you some few relevant results then fill your list with other completely irrelevant information. This happens mostly if you are using more than one keyword. However, there are techniques you can use to make your search more specific. These techniques include;

  • Putting your keywords in speech quotes- this is very important, because the two keywords will not be split to bring you different results, the keywords will be considered as one word hence you will get only relevant results.
  • Avoid using the word AND between the keywords in your search- when using keywords, you can avoid using the word AND between the keywords, just use the two keywords only. This is because this word means both of them so the result will contain just both terms with very irrelevant meaning.
  • Do not use the word OR between the keywords- if you use this word between you keywords, the results will have one of the keywords or each keyword will appear separately. This is because the word OR is used to mean a choice between them.
  • Avoid using the word NOT between the keywords- if you use it, it means that you are having a preference of the first keyword and disregarding the second keyword, and so the results you will get will be only containing the first keyword.
  • Do not use a plus sign just before a keyword- this is because, the results will only return a keyword with the sign plus before it and disregard the other keyword.
  • Do not use a minus sign just before a keyword- minus means subtraction hence the search results will not come with the word that had a minus sign behind it.

Categories on ClickBank marketplace

There are categories and even sub-categories which you can go through as you search for your product and accounts. On a market place, there are a variety of categories and sub-categories which when you click either of them, you can be able to see the accounts that are under that particular category or subcategory. You can however narrow down the search using the available filters to get more specific results.


Resources section on ClickBank marketplace contains the tools that will help you navigate through the content found on marketplace. There are very many all tools about any information you will need to know on the ClickBank marketplace. There are very easy tools to navigate through; it is just a matter of clicking on them and reading the provided information.

How to find information that will help you to vie and promote products.

This is a very simple one; you can get the best information through the search section. All you have to do is to click on the listing title and it will take you o the website of the merchant, on the website there is a lot of information about the product that will help you in promoting the product. The information will give you the tips on how to promote that particular product. Information you can get on the merchant’s site is the important keywords you can use in your marketing and the strengths of the product that you can use when writing your adverts when marketing. The website also provides you with information on the statistics of the product and the most recent gravity of the product. You can then generate the hoplink from there.

The benefits of using ClickBank

ClickBank as a network affiliate program has very many advantages when you compare it to other network programs. Here are some of the benefits that you will enjoy when you become an affiliate marketer on ClickBank;

  • Simple and free registration

Joining ClickBank is absolutely free. You don’t need to pay anything for you to be registered. All you have to do is to access their website and go to their homepage, you will then see where they will require you to sign up and after filling in your basic information, you click on register and you are good to go. This is not like other network affiliates which have very complicated processes and some hidden charges.

  • Very good commission

With ClickBank, you can expect to get a commission rate on the product, which is very appealing. You specifically get a commission ranging between 10 percent and 75 percent depending on the product you are marketing; this is so far the best commission rate when you compare it with the commission offered on other platforms.

  • Pays faster

Payment is a very sensitive area especially when working online with the unseen employer; this is what makes people fear working online. However, ClickBank has changed the mentality; here you will get paid immediately your pay day reaches. They pay once in two weeks for those not using direct deposit, for those using direct deposit, they can be paid weekly. Payment is done on a Wednesday.

  • Freedom of choice

Just unlike other plat forms, ClickBank gives you total freedom to choose the type of product you are comfortable with. This helps a person to be more productive. People will choose the products they are familiar with or those that they have used before, for that reason it will be easy for them to create adverts and come up with the best way to convince the clients.

  • They track your work

This is the most efficient network affiliate program; this is because when you sign up with click bank and choose a product, they generate for you a customized link called the hoplink. The hoplink helps the platform to track your clicks, sales and leads that originate from your link, by doing so they keep your statistics which will be very helpful when it comes to paying time, you can be sure that you will get all the commission of the work you did, this is the best method.

  • Variety to choose from

ClickBank is technically the largest affiliate network in the whole world, this means there are very many products from many niches you can choose from. This variety gives you freedom to find the best that you can handle.

To sum up this, it is very important to understand ClickBank marketplace for you to know how to get the best information on how to search and choose products that are good for marketing. The marketplace also helps you to know how to do advanced searching using the keywords to find a better product for marketing.

Finally, you should keep in mind that a well-chosen product is the key to success in marketing.

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