January 16, 2021

How to make money with affiliate marketing without website.

Perhaps the most asked question when it comes to affiliate marketing is how to make money with affiliate marketing without a website? I get it, in most cases when you search how to become an affiliate marketer or anything like that the results you will get will probably tell you that you must have a website in order to make it as an affiliate marketer. But the truth is you can become an excellent affiliate marketer and make good money from affiliate marketing even without a website. I won’t lie to you and say that’s what I do because I already have a website but I have friends who are making good amounts of money from affiliate marketing even though they don’t have a website. I asked a few of them how they manage to do it and added some research to come up with this article. If you have been searching for the perfect way to make money via affiliate marketing without a website then this article is for you. I am going to guide you step by step and by the time you are done you will be wiser than you were yesterday.

One of the best ways to make good money from affiliate marketing is by joining the affiliate platform. I am using the ClickBank marketplace as an example because that’s what most people use and that’s where I based most of my research. But don’t panic because the process is just the same even when you are using other affiliate programs. When using the ClickBank marketplace you can be sure to make good money from affiliate marketing by using free content publishing platforms like LinkedIn and YouTube among others. Here is a step by step guide on how to make money with affiliate marketing without a website.

  1. Find your niche.

Even the most successful businesses in the world began with a simple idea, come up with an excellent idea of which niche you think you are comfortable with and one that you can be able to create a lot of content. Some people prefer trying out multiple niches but I won’t recommend that because by trying out multiple niches you might end up being overwhelmed by work and you can never be as good as a person who specializes in a niche he or she is comfortable with. If you choose a niche it will be very easy for you to build a brand or authority in the niche. If the niche of your choice does not have a lot of competition, it will be easy for you to create an authority in the “eyes” of the search engines especially if you create high-quality content. Also choosing a niche makes it easier for you to understand the subject matter so making content will be very easy for you and with the time you will become a pro.

Factors to consider when choosing a niche.

There are several factors that you should consider before choosing a niche and they include:

  • Competition. Well, there are some niches that you can choose and end up regretting because you will find that you are not making any money because the competition is very high. Taking an example of weight loss and recipes which have a lot of competition and there are even larger organizations that specialize in those niches. You don’t want to compete with pros especially if you are a beginner. Do some research on niches that don’t really have a lot of competition and specialize in one that you feel you can be able to make enough content.
  • Ask yourself if the niche is product-based or not. As an affiliate marketer, you should be always prepared to make a lot of content and if the people in a particular niche will require to purchase different equipment before completing a task then that might be a good sign. A good example is specializing in hobbies like hiking. There will be plenty to write about.
  • The payout. Different products have different payouts on the ClickBank marketplace and you need to consider where the products of your niche fall. There those which you can make up to 10 percent and there are those that have a 1 percent rate. I will recommend that you try to choose a niche which has products with a rate of 4 percent and above in order to get good money. You should note that promoting products with higher rates has lower rates of conversions. That’s why I recommend you choose in between high and low.
  • Tutorials. You need to ask yourself if there are a lot of searches from the consumers asking how to maybe use that thing or anything that will need a tutorial. Writing a mix of content and tutorials gives you a better chance of making more money. Write well-explained tutorials that the consumer will feel that he can do it himself but make it just a little bit complicated that a video tutorial will be required. This might even help you start offering some consultation services.
  1. Keyword research.

By now you have chosen a niche that you are comfortable with and a profitable one. Now it is time to find the relevant keywords that people are using to search for things on your niche. Even though you are so passionate about your niche, it is not advisable to just start writing without considering the keywords that people are using. Don’t guess that people will search for a certain topic when you can be sure about it. For a beginner who is not so good with SEO, I suggest you go for long-tail keywords. Long-tail keywords are like kind of a small sentence that multiple consumers are using to search for something on your niche. For example, if your niche is hobbies how to climb a mountain in Africa might be a long tail keyword that consumers on your niche might be using. Using long-tail keywords makes it easier for you to rank as there is less competition. There are tools that can help you find long-tail keywords so you have nothing to worry about how to find them. SEMrush is one of the most used tools and it is going to show you what keywords your competitors are using to rank and from the information, you can target for keywords that have less competition and ones that are using the content as well as ones that are better optimized.

  1. Choose a publishing platform.

In this case, a website is not an option since our goal is to make money through affiliate marketing without a website. Owning your own website has its benefits but it does not mean you cannot make good money using the free publishing platforms. There are some free content publishing platforms that have high authority and you are definitely going to make good money if you choose and use one the right way. If you will be making video content, YouTube has high authority and it is a platform worth looking out for. LinkedIn has got your back if you are going to be publishing any other content. The free publishing platforms such as YouTube and LinkedIn have some benefits like you are going to rank faster compared to having your own website and in 2 or 3 months you will be having a top spot. Also, the free publishing platforms have high authority from the search engines and people trust information that comes from them. Link building is also much easier when you are using platforms like LinkedIn. Some well-known websites sometimes host content from third parties and you will often get better click rates because of brand recognition. This will lead to more traffic and hence higher rankings.

  1. Write high-quality content.

There are many affiliate marketers that will just make content just for the sake of making it as long as it has utilized SEO techniques and it can drive some traffic. There is no need for that, just write high-quality content, content that many people will find useful because if your content is of high quality, you can be sure of high rankings and much better conversion rates. The engagement factor is usually a vital thing that Google considers when it is ranking the search results. That is why it is very important to create engaging content and if possible, create content that answers the questions of the consumers directly. You should also make sure that you have a good volume of content for better rankings. The higher the quality of your articles, the higher the chances of your content ranking higher and the higher your content rank, the more the traffic and the more the traffic the more the conversions. If you think content marketing might be difficult for you, instead of trying to trick Google into ranking your content higher, hire the services of content marketers to help you create original and unique content.

  1. Promote your content on social media.

Some people consider promoting content on social media as optional but I think it very vital and you should actually make sure you promote your content on social media. Promoting your content on social media will help you rank higher and faster in the search engines and not forgetting that you might get some conversions just by promoting your content. Make use of Facebook advertising, which is considered to be very cost-effective. Don’t be afraid to use some 100 dollars using paid Facebook advertising. When you use paid Facebook advertising, you will be able to target specific people who are in need of the products you are promoting. Make an impact on social media by answering questions that many consumers might be having and providing them with information that is relevant. Still on social media, if you have friends or you know people who are influential, tag them on your posts so that your content can reach out to more people. Post your content on platforms like Quora and post your affiliate links. If people find your information useful, they will be more than willing to buy stuff via your affiliate link. Reddit is also a great forum that you can also post your content.

  1. Be patient.

Don’t think that because you have created high-quality content and you have used all the SEO skills you know, your articles on LinkedIn will magically settle on google within the first day. Keep it in mind that it can take the LinkedIn domain up to 4 months in order to settle on Google so you need to give it time. If you did your keywords research appropriately and you have high-quality content, you will start ranking that very moment you post your articles. By the third month, you will be ranking on the 3rd or 2nd page. If that is the case, then it means it is the high time you start link building.

  1. Link building.

When you have published your content on high authority domains like LinkedIn you have the advantage of building links without so much risk. Build foundation links like the links of profiles, submissions, audios, citations, etc. the foundation links will give you some boost on the search engines as well as provide the anchor to your text foundations. Try some guest posting and see how it works out for you.

  1. Email marketing.

I cannot stress the importance of this step. Sign up for an autoresponder load preloaded messages and provide value as much as possible and your autoresponder will send automatic emails for you on autopilot! You can broadcast emails as well anytime you need to and you will quickly realize that having an email list is one of the most important assets you can have!

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