Accordingly, affiliate marketing provides a possible passive income if the affiliate was able to set up the opportunity correctly. The basic step-by-step process on how to start affiliate marketing is simple and easy to understand.

In order to learn affiliate marketing, you need to know the basic foundations in getting started and these steps include choosing a niche, picking keywords, build a site and driving traffic. As a beginner, you have to understand these core fundamentals in order to do affiliate marketing in the right way.

Choosing a niche market – The immediate place you want to visit is Clickbank. Clickbank is an online directory on affiliate marketing that provides a wide range of affiliate products that you can avail. The best possible niche markets are in the category of wealth, health, relationship and happiness.

Choosing the keywords – Upon building your website, it will contain several pages. You have to understand that each page on the website possesses its own possible ranking in Google. If you will be typing a particular phrase such as “weight loss”, homepages will not only thing that will be ranking. The idea is that each page on the website can potentially rank in search engines and you need to create argument a range on different topics.

Building a site – Once keywords are chosen, it is time to get a good domain name. You can go to sites such as and be able to have a blog and domain, which is related to the particular keyword. This will cost a certain amount that you need to invest.

Driving Traffic – When your website/blog is up and you already have hosting, you can have a specific theme free. The next thing to do is the search engine optimization (SEO) and you will be able to find all the post written will begin to show up in Google. People will start to visit the site, click the affiliate link and you will be paid.

This is what affiliate marketing dummies is all about. It looks pretty simple and easy to learn. Earning out of affiliate marketing is also lucrative if done the way it should be.

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