January 20, 2021

Building an email list isn’t easy. It takes time and effort.

You’re collecting real followers. And you need to give them reasons to follow you.

This is something we’ll help you with. Below is how to build an email list in 4 steps!

#1 – Make an Awesome Product.
Then give it away for free.

Why? Because free products are how you get subscribers.

You make the product, make it downloadable, and then make subscribing a download condition.

What This Means…
You can’t give away physical products. But, you can giveaway digital products.

Examples of those include…
• E-books.
• Apps.
• Software.
• Special tips.
• Special videos.

Basically, you give away computer tools – or special content.

#2 – Market the Product.
You need a landing page. Or at least, you need multiples.

This is how you convince viewers to get your product, thus signing up.

And it isn’t enough to describe the product as “free.” You should show that it concretely helps too.

You should show products that help make people successful.

Those landing pages must be SEO optimized.

After all, how do you think people find your “free product”? They do so through your social media, and Google’s results.

And speaking of social media…

#3 – Spread the Word.
If you have a social media account, building an email list becomes easier.

After designing your free product, create anticipation. Put out deadlines, spoilers, etc.

Also, inform your followers beforehand!

What if I Lack a Social Media Presence?
Then focus more on SEO.

Optimize your landing pages for top rankings. Write long-form marketing scripts, while creating the necessary sales funnels.

Final Tip – Keep Hustling.
Do what it takes to get dedicated clients.

If you need cold-calls at first, then do so. If that doesn’t work, then shift to a long-term branding strategy.

The point is, making an email list takes time.

It’s a matter of trust. People won’t signup unless they see benefits or credentials that are convincing.

But once you build that, you’re set. You can create a follower base and expand any business!

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To YOUR Success!

Matthew Trujillo


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