January 16, 2021

How to Become an Affiliate Marketer (7 Steps…)


Affiliating marketing all about makes good money from doing close to nothing. That’s what most people have been made to think by the simple and quick answer that google provides when you ask about affiliating marketing. But the truth is it is a little more and complex than just making money by doing nothing. There is actually a lot that needs to be done in order to make good money. And if you do all the things the right way then you can start making money even when you sleep. It is very possible to make good money and I hope this article is going to equip you with the knowledge required in order to make good money from affiliate marketing. And if you are already into affiliate marketing you are going to find a thing or two that you probably did not know about.

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is simply a digital marketing method where companies or retailers pay commissions to people or other companies that generate leads, sales or referrals to their website. An affiliate marketer will promote and recommend products from a certain company and whenever a person makes purchases via his link he will get a commission as per the agreement of the affiliate program.

How does affiliate marketing work?

Affiliate marketing works in 3 basic steps.

  • You will recommend products or make people want to hire the services of a certain company that you are promoting.
  • Your fans or followers will purchase the products via your affiliate link.
  • You will automatically get a commission for the sales that have been done via your link.

Getting started as an affiliate marketer.

You probably knew about what affiliate marketing and how it simply works but what you might not have known is how to get started. There are many affiliate marketers who just get started in the business without making proper plans and they end up failing. The burden of affiliate marketing becomes so overwhelming and they end up quitting. Don’t be like those guys. Your goal should be to start a business that is going to last for years. And in order to do that you need to take your time and follow the seven steps that I am going to give you.

How to become an affiliate marketer.

Anyone can become an affiliate marketer because there is no fee for registration or any qualification and experience required in order to become one. But becoming a successful affiliate marketer requires more than just waking up and saying I want to be an affiliate marketer. Becoming a successful affiliate marketer requires you to follow the following steps:

  1. Find your niche.

Choosing a specific niche to venture in gives you the focus that you should have during affiliate marketing. It will also make your work so much easier when it comes to targeting audience. Choosing a niche is one of the hardest parts of the whole process to some people but it really does not have to be because it is pretty simple if you use the right criteria. Ask yourself the following questions and they will sure as hell help you choose the best niche to venture in:

  • What are you passionate about? Logically we are more knowledgeable about things we care about than anything else. Because affiliate marketing involves content making heavily, choosing a niche you are passionate about will make it easier for you to create content since you are already comfortable about the topics.
  • Is your topic big enough? Well, it is very possible that the thing you are passionate about does not have a topic big enough to cover around a 100 blog posts. If your topic is not big enough for that, you might find your website struggling with SEO because it will not have the necessary authority.
  • Is there room for another niche? You should not jump into a niche if it is very popular. If your niche of choice is very popular you might want to consider changing because if you venture into it, you will find yourself competing with pros and you really don’t want that if you are a beginner.
  • Is there good money in your niche? Well, the main motivation for joining affiliate marketing is to make good money right? If you find that your niche of choice is not going to make you good money then you might want to consider trying another because what’s the point if it is not going to make you good money? Check if your niche is profitable by using affiliate retailers like ClickBank. ClickBank will help you see the niches that are doing very well and from there you can choose a niche that perfectly fits with your content. A niche with a lot of products means that there will be a lot of things to write about.
  1. Build a website.

For a successful business in affiliate marketing, it is very vital to have your own website. You can hire a professional to design an excellent website for you but if you have the skills you can go ahead and design your own website because it is not complicated anyway. The main focus of your website is your blog but you should also consider some other pages like:

  • About: make your website a bit more personable and let your visitors know about you even if it’s just a bit.
  • Contact: it is very important to include all your contacts so that if a person might have any question especially about the products you are promoting, he or she can consult you with ease.
  • Disclaimer: the disclaimer page is also very important especially if your website is monetized.
  • Privacy policy: because you are going to be collecting information about the users, it is very important to let them know about it and also make them know how you are going to use that information.
  • Terms of service: the term of service page is the page limiting your liability in case there is misuse info or services that are provided in your website.
  • Custom 404 pages: having this page on your website is a must if you want to improve your user experience.
  • Advertise: this page is very necessary especially if you are planning to be selling onsite ads.

Make sure that all your policies are very clear and upfront in order to avoid confusion as well as to build trust with your visitors.

  1. Create quality content.

Content is like everything in affiliate marketing. Some affiliate networks will need you to have some content on your website before you can be working with them. Be sure to read the requirements to know what a certain program requires of you. Some will require you to have site traffic while others will need you to have monthly views up to a certain level before they can accept you as their affiliate marketer. After you have read all the requirements then you can go ahead and try it out.

Having a 100 blog posts is not a necessity or a qualification, as long as you have like 5 strong blog posts and more are scheduled to come then you are more than ready to be an affiliate marketer. Your content needs to be optimized in order to drive enough traffic. Make use of SEO tools to determine the necessary keywords and write high-quality content using the keywords and you can be sure of more organic traffic towards your website. If you get more visitors to your website, it means there is a higher chance of more people buying products using your affiliate link posted on your website.

  1. Grow your email list.

Email marketing is and will always be one of the best communication channels when it comes to marketing. Growing your email list can be a little bit complicated especially for a beginner. But don’t panic, you can attend some online courses that actually don’t really take up much of your time and get to learn how to build your email lists among other things that are necessary for affiliate marketing. After learning how to grow your list you can go ahead and invest your time in email list building because if you do, you are definitely going to love it. Think about it, for every dollar that you spend you are going to get around 38 dollars in return. Add a popup in your site in order to grow your email list.

  1. Choose affiliate products to promote.

If you already have a specific niche that you like because that’s the first step, you are ahead of the game.  Choosing the products to promote is going to be very easy.

Promote products that you already use as the first idea of what products you should promote. Make a list of these products that you already use and make use of Google to help you out find the affiliate market programs for those products. If you find available affiliate programs for some products that you use, go ahead and write reviews about them.

Another type of products you can promote is products that fill a certain need. Take your time and listen to people and identify a problem they are facing. Use that information to find a product that can solve their problems and if the product actually works you can be sure they will be willing to pay.

Promote products that your audience has a keen interest in and wants to know about. Do your research and recommend it to them, if it works you will be in for big sales but if it doesn’t, don’t hesitate to apologize and promise better services. This will promote trust from your audience which is very important. Sometimes you can even promote products from others in your niche.

  1. Join an affiliate marketing network.

Joining an affiliate network will make it easy for you to find affiliate programs. The marketing networks are like the middlemen of the brands as they are the ones responsible for tracking the progress of the affiliate program and paying the affiliate marketers automatically once a purchase has been made through their links. Consider joining, ShareASale, CJ Affiliate, ClickBank, and Amazon associates since they are among the best affiliate marketing networks.

  1. Track your results.

The best way of tracking your results is by using Monsterinsights as it makes it very easy to track results if you are using a WordPress site. Download the Monsterinsights, install and activate it before connecting it to your Google Analytics account. Visit the settings in the WordPress dashboard and make sure to select the tracking tab. From there you are going to track all your results. Tracking your affiliate links will help you get to know the products performing the best with your audience which will help you provide them with even better products.

Tracking your links will also help you with information that will help you create even better content. Great content will help you increase trust and loyalty from your customers. Building loyalty from your audience makes sure that they keep on coming again and again.

You should make sure that your links are shorter because if they are shorter they will be easier to remember.


It is very true what they say, you can make money with affiliate marketing even when you sleep. What they don’t tell you is that you don’t just wake up and start making money. There is more to it. If you just venture into affiliate marketing without proper information, you are definitely going to fail. You need to first choose a niche that you are comfortable with, build an excellent website, create high-quality content, grow your email list, choose the products to promote, join an affiliate marketing network and finally you need to track your links. If you follow those seven steps you can be sure to make it as an affiliate marketer.

To YOUR Success!

Matthew Trujillo


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