January 20, 2021

Achieving email marketing success is easy if you know the ins and outs of social or network marketing. With the cutthroat competition of hundreds of emails being received by a recipient daily, your mail should be noticed by the recipient. In order to be sure that your email stands out and achieve email marketing success, here are some strategies you can use:

  • Make a List of Probable Audience – Better success in email marketing can be achieved by knowing your audience. Even if you have the best offer or the best message, but if it will not reach the right audience, it is useless. You should start by building a permission-based audience list. One way of getting the contact information you need is to present a literature, demonstration or free seminar about the product or services that you offer. When you are able to create your audience list, make sure that it is periodically updated.
  • Timing is Important – Although most companies consider and are sending quality emails during business hours, the ones that stands out and noticed are the emails sent from 8:00 in the evening till midnight. Sending emails at these hours is one of the best email strategies being utilized by smart email marketers. Studies show that most customers open their emails during these hours, too. Therefore, when your email arrives at those hours, your message has a bigger chance of getting noticed.
  • Email Sending on Weekends – Why is it better to send emails on weekends? Simple; on weekends, the number of email sent is low making your email stands out. There are more chances of the recipient opening and reading your email.
  • Give Something for Free – Never forget that most consumers will ask what it will benefit them if they open your email or go to your link? Who would not want a free dinner, a free tool or template? Actually, free tools and templates are the freebies that most email readers want.

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