Generating More Leads by Using Email Marketing Best Practices

Have you responded to any of the emails you received from an email marketer? Or, did you become interested to read at least any of the emails that were sent to you through email marketing? I am sure, you must have thought of some email marketing best practices that should have been used to make you interested and eventually respond to an email.

As an email marketer, the possible reaction of the recipient should always be considered. Some email marketing best practices that you can utilize are as follows:

  • Your name is very important. Email clients will most likely respond to recognizable and trustworthy names. If the recipient does not recognize or think the name is bogus, your email will surely go to either “Spam” or “Report Junk”. Therefore, think and use a name that is recognizable and trustworthy.


  • Use not more than three typefaces or else your email will look like a clutter ending your email into the junk. To encourage conversation, try to limit your typefaces and choose according to your style of business or project.


  • Don’t let your call-to-action and main message fall under the fold or else the recipients will not see it. To be effective, repeat your call-to-action at least three times within your email.


  • Remember, the best subject lines are those that are compelling and should only contain between 30 and 50 characters. A little indication as to what the recipient should expect should be included in the subject line.


  • Normally, an email is an awesome medium for communication and the best way to get feedback from your customers. If you need to answer questions or build a communication channel with clients, email is also the best means. Therefore, never use a “no-reply” address instead; develop a friendly reply-to-you option. A reply-to address directed to a specific individual is more caring, friendly and encouraging.

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