January 20, 2021

Digital Marketing Strategies – What Should You Focus On?

That’s a broad question.


What works for one business fails for another.


As a business, you must find the best digital marketing strategies for you. And this depends on your business model


How Do I Discover That?

That’s what we’ll answer.


Below, we’ll describe 3 approaches to digital marketing. They’re based on what gets increased conversions.


Check each one out. Then see what applies to your business!



First – Location.

Are you an online-only business? Or do you have a “physical store”?


Physical (offline) businesses do local marketing. After all, you aim to get people (in your area) to buy from you.


Most of your efforts will target locals.




On FB, you might send out ads to people only near your area.


As for PPC, your focus might be on ads that specify your state/city.


So when writing content, you can add your contact details at the bottom. That way, you rank for locality too!



What If I’m Not Local?

Then ignore this tip, and move on to the next!



Second – Type of Merchandise.

Do you sell physical or digital products?


Are your products digital products? Are they intangible services that are easy to deliver?


Or are they items that require freight or courier shipping?



Why Ask?

Physical merchandise isn’t marketed like digital stuff.


Digital products lack an expiration date!


All you need is to make them downloadable. From there, you setup landing pages to get sales!


But with physical merchandise, shipping logistics matter.


So again, location matters. Add to that the need to be accurate with your demographics.



Third – Social Media.

Marketing isn’t all about ads.


There’s also social media involved.


You need to engage your client base. You need them to trust you, adore your brand, and wanting more.


How you do so depends on your business model.




Are you using FB? If so, you’re doing longer “story-like” posts.


Or maybe it’s Twitter? If so, maybe you like engaging clients with trendy information.


Maybe you use Instagram/YT? If that’s the case, you engage using videos, quotes, and photos.


Pick what suits the products you sell. And develop a brand personality for your business!


To YOUR Success!

Matthew Trujillo


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