January 16, 2021

Business Growth Online: The Necessity Of Social Media

One of THE easiest, and most important, ways to grow your business online is by social media participation. This is true whether you sell/ work from a physical location, or primarily online, such as with Digital offers such as Clickbank / JVZoo / Warrior Plus. Business growth online can be difficult to achieve without a working, running social media base, including followers, views, and constant traffic whether free or paid.

To be able to boost your business, you need at least basic social media knowledge. But not just how to pin or tumble, post or tweet; you need to know how to do so in a way that does not deter viewers, but brings them in without spamming. I’ll get in to that to an extent today.

Why You Need It

The human is evolving. No, we aren’t growing wings, or gills, or learning how to communicate telepathically. We’re evolving socially. Where once hand- sealed, hand- written letters, which took days or even weeks to arrive, were considered a legitimate form of regular communication between loved ones, now we have the ability to instantly learn about and connect to total strangers from an entirely different country. The human is becoming a sort of social superhuman, with an interconnected (Internet- based) dynamic that functions almost like its own organism.

The source of that superhuman, is social media.

In order to spur business growth online you need to get plugged into this vast network. How do people learn about each other, connect with each other, express and explore their likes/ dislikes? Through the Internet, if they’re savvy — and a vast number of consumers are. (Also important, a lot of their purchases occur online). How are they going to see you, hear about you, decide whether they like you? Same way. Social media is a huge factor in getting your name out, but also a big factor in getting yourself into your customers’ lives.

There’s a reason businesses, including small ones just starting out, are pushing people to follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. Connectivity, traffic, and marketing. Every one of these are easy to accomplish by using social media pages appropriately to reach and keep up with consumers.

Some Tips: Getting Started

Mix it up, connect them all. Try to have an account for every BIG social media company, but not if you aren’t going to keep up with each and every one. Try to post the exact same content on each, with the exception of keeping high – quality photos and long textual posts for the appropriate venue. Use each social media site in a way that compliments its *intended use* to spur business growth online considerably. Use Twitter mostly for links and announcements; Instagram and Pinterest for quality photos; Facebook for campaigns and announcements; etc., etc. Make sure that you put a link to your other social media sites on each page.

Word of Caution

Don’t spam consumers, please. It’s easy to get turned off by a super – posty business page, especially if it’s one you weren’t sure you liked in the first place. Lost interest loses views, which loses business.

Finally if you are going to use social media to promote, one thing is for certain, whether paid traffic or free. Always send your visitors first to a squeeze page, then follow up!

Here is some additional training if you are looking to get started and take it to the next level, go here.

To YOUR Success!

Matthew Trujillo


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