January 16, 2021

Affiliate marketing is one of the most widespread digital marketing techniques today. With it, a company promotes its products or services online through the websites or social pages of its affiliates. Promotion activity is therefore entrusted to a third party concerning the manufacturing company, which is repaid through a predetermined commission.

In a certain sense, this relationship is very reminiscent of the classic agency relationship, in which the principal company instructs the agent to sell its products, guaranteeing a percentage of the turnover.

How affiliate marketing works: the affiliate network

Unlike the agency relationship, in affiliate marketing sales take place online and in most cases the relationship between the franchisor, also known as the advertiser, and the affiliate is not direct but involves the intermediation of an affiliation platform or affiliate network.

This can be better understood through this example: Suppose I am the owner of a company and decide to use affiliate marketing, I won’t know in advance the people who would like to promote my products, nor would I know how to contact them. For this, I will first of all turn to an affiliate network to which I will ask to promote my product or service, guaranteeing a commission, for example of 15%. The affiliate network can count on a large number of affiliates, some of whom will decide to promote my product on their website or social account. Whenever one of them manages to get me to sell the product online, I will pay the commission to the affiliate network, which will divide it with the affiliate according to their agreements.

Technically, the procedure takes place through links that lead to the affiliate marketing sites or the advertiser’s site, where the sale of the product or service takes place. These links incorporate a JavaScript code that keeps track of the site from which the buyer comes. In this way, the affiliate marketing sites know exactly the number of sales that have been promoted by each affiliate. It can also provide a series of statistics and reports that help the franchisee understand which strategies have brought results and which are not.

Advantages of Affiliate marketing sites

A simple way to set up a business on the Internet is by enrolling in one of the affiliate programs that exist on the network; which allow us to start earning money almost immediately and which, in the long term, with patience and dedication, can end up giving us high income.

If you still do not feel like signing up for an affiliate program, here are the main advantages or benefits of these affiliate marketing sites:

1. They allow their users to start a business quickly

Enrolling with an affiliate marketing site allows us to quickly start a business on the Internet; It’s just a matter of registering and starting to promote the products that the program offers, without the need to create a product, create a web page, or sell.

2. They do not require greater knowledge

Affiliate marketing sites allow us to start a business on the Internet quickly and easily, without requiring us to have more knowledge, whether in computer science, web design, product design, online sales, etc .; you only need to know how to apply Internet marketing, which is something that little by little we can learn.

3. Do not require more investment

In most cases, signing up for any of these affiliate programs is completely free; Then, when promoting the products of the program, it is not necessary to incur higher expenses, we can even promote the products without having a website of our own.

Also, as simple as creating a video on YouTube and start promoting your product , being able to recommend it becomes a simple task to make it known to millions of people, obviously behind all this is the marketing process since what it sells is not the product itself but your marketing, and without a doubt, its operation is quite simple to make and with very low costs.

4. We do not need to create a product

By working with an affiliate marketing site, we promote third-party products, so we do not have to create any product, which allows us to save time and money, and starts earning money quickly.

5. It is not necessary to have a website

To promote the products of the program, we do not need to have our own website, because we can promote them through other means, for example, through mailing lists, forums, social networks, paid to advertise, etc.; although having your website will always be a good alternative to promote the products.

6. You have hundreds of products at your disposal

You can choose the products that you like to sell them, these products are ready to sell, and you only need your affiliate link to recommend it to other people and generate commissions for those sales. If you do not have your products initially, on the affiliate marketing site, you can get a finished product from another person to provide that benefit to your buyers.

7. Automated payments

The system of payments for your sales is an automatic process where as soon as your customer makes the purchase, the commission will be reflected in your account, sometimes the sales are reflected immediately, after 15 days or a month; but always, your payment will arrive without needing to call customer service or anything like that, from there you can claim it through different means, for example through your Payoneer account.

8. You can integrate Marketing tools

To carry out marketing properly on the affiliate marketing sites, you can make use of other tools that you can incorporate into the sale of your products. These tools can be autoresponders and generators of landing pages. Some are free and others must be paid for, but always at a very low cost. Always make sure you get a good coach when starting!

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