The world of business has greatly evolved thanks to technological advancement. As technology advances, new features keep coming that makes this field better each day. Marketing in business specifically has been the most improved aspect of business. The traditional methods of marketing are now long gone and forgotten due to rise of new digital markets like ClickBank. Digital markets have caused a drift in marketing strategies from the traditional ones to the most current ones which are also being done on digital platforms.

What is ClickBank?

This is an online market that can be accessed all over the globe through internet. On ClickBank the publishers are able to create and sell their products to a very large client base that is found on the platform. The platform allows buyers to use credit cards to make their purchases. The platform also has a ClickBank affiliate program which enabled the affiliate marketers to market products on behalf of the merchants, and as a result they are paid in commission once a purchase is made.

What is affiliate program on ClickBank?

A ClickBank affiliate program is a program that allows affiliate marketers to market the products that are available on the platform by generating a unique and customized link called Hoplink which helps in directing traffic to the site that is containing a product. Once the customers use the link to get to the site and makes a purchase, an affiliate marketer receives a commission that is deposited into their account that they created when they joined ClickBank. The platform also is in charge of tracking the sales and the leads that have been made using the link so that they can know how to distribute the commission.

How do you become an affiliate marketer on ClickBank?

ClickBank affiliate program is not a very hard thing to join, in fact it is just free of charge to join the platform and start your affiliate marketing job. But how do you become one of the affiliate marketers? Here are four steps that will lead you in becoming an affiliate marketer and earn from it.

  1. Open a ClickBank account.

This is the very first thing you will need to do, it is free and involves a few procedures to completely do that, the first thing you will have to do is to search for the ClickBank website and go to their homepage. Look out for the sign up button and click on it. Once you click on ‘sign up’ button, another page will show up which will require you to fill in with your relevant basic information. The required information includes; your name, write your real name and your email address will also be required; you will be able to choose your ID name too. After doing all these and click on register button, a password and your ID name will be sent to you through your email address. When you are done with this and you have chosen your mode of payment you are then good to go.

  1. Choose a product you want to market.

This is very important because affiliate marketing is all about marketing a product or products. This is why you should be very keen when choosing a product you will be going to market. Before you choose your product make sure that you do thorough research about it first, you can check on things like the reviews of the product to ascertain if it can get clients or not, a product with a negative review will give you problems when it comes to marketing it. Another thing you should consider when you are choosing a product is getting the statistics of the product on ClickBank to see if it has a good sales record or not, this will help you to know if the product is liked by the clients or not hence it will help you to make a right choice. Lastly, you will have to check the information about the competition that is available for the product, if there are very many people competing to market the product then you can go for another product for you to be efficient.

  1. Get a link

In affiliate marketing, you will use a link to direct people to the site which contains the product. For this reason you will need a link. Once you have created an account and chosen the topic, ClickBank will generate for you a customized link called hoplink. A hoplink helps ClickBank to track the clicks, sales and leads that are done through the link and keep the records which will be used when it comes to the time of payment. After you get your link, you will now start marketing the product you have chosen by creating creative adverts and include the link which will direct the clients to the site for the purchase. If you want to get a great market, you can put the link on your website, your blog and all your social media platforms.

  1. Get your payment

This is the moist awaited part. Payments on ClickBank are made in terms of commission, according to the number of sales that have been made through your hoplink. Payments on ClickBank are made after every two weeks. What you have to note is that the more the sales your link provide, the more you earn, so you should really try to direct as many purchases as you can through your hoplink. You are also allowed to market more than one product hence the many the products, the more the earning.

Why should you use ClickBank affiliate program?

ClickBank affiliate program has very many good things that will help you as an affiliate marketer to achieve your goals and make good money. There are very many network platforms apart from ClickBank but this one has proved to be the best among all of them. These are the reasons why you should use ClickBank in your affiliate marketing;

  • Free and easy registration

The first good thing about ClickBank is that its registration is quite easy, it typically takes you minutes to get registered, and another thing is that it is free to register. You don’t need to pay anything to get registered to the site. This means you will start your work without spending anything.

  • The choice of products

ClickBank affiliate program is very unique when you compare it with other affiliate networks; this is because of the freedom they give you when it comes to choice of products. You are very free to choose any products that you feel they are good for you without any restrictions. Freedom of choice increases productivity because one can really get creative when marketing the products they might know better or they have used before.

  • Payment is quick.

Payment is the only motivation sometimes in any job. It may not be about passion anymore as one may think. This is where ClickBank gets an upper hand. Their payments are really quick, they cannot delay your payment, and once everything is verified they will immediately send you a check. Furthermore, their payments are done after every two weeks; this means you don’t have to wait for a long time to receive your payment and even for a direct deposit method; you can get your payment every week.

  • The best commission rate

Of all affiliate network platforms, ClickBank has the very best commission rate for the products. The commission rate ranges between 10 percent and 75 percent. This is a commission that you cannot find on any other affiliate network platform. This is an encouragement to all affiliate marketers who have joined and those who wish to join, commission of every product is the one that determines your payment and so the higher the commission, the higher the payment.

  • They take care of everything

On this platform, they are able to take care of all your businesses, they have a customized link called hoplink which tracks all your sales, the leads and all the clicks hence they easily process your payment without bothering you.

Payment methods accepted on ClickBank

The default payment method on ClickBank is by issuing out checks, however being a global platform, there rate other payment methods that have been accepted to make sure the money reaches the affiliate marketers faster than how checks can, these methods include;

  • Direct deposit

This is one of the methods you can receive ClickBank payments with. A deposit is made directly to your account; however, it is not for all countries, this is applicable only to few countries. If your country is not supported for this kind of payment, you can opt to use other methods of payment that are available. There is a direct deposit that is specifically for United States of America and another type of direct deposit is for some specific international banks in which you will receive your cash in your local currency, this is called international direct deposit, it does not attract any extra charges.

  • Wire transfer

This is another reliable method of payment used by ClickBank, the money is wired directly into your account, and this is the best alternative method for those countries that do not have international direct deposit. However wire transfer costs you a transaction fee of 35 dollars for every transaction done. Furthermore, this method of payment delivers you money only in US dollars hence you will need to convert to your local currency once you receive the money.

  • Payoneer

This is one of the most famous international online payment services; all you need to do is open an account with them. Once you have an account you can link it to your ClickBank account which will then distribute the mount from your ClickBank account to payoneer account. With payoneer account, you can withdraw the money in any bank in the world.

Things you should know about payment

In ClickBank affiliate program there are things you will need to understand about payment for you to understand how the final figure in your account was reached;

  1. Payment threshold.

This is the minimum amount that your account must have for the payment process to be complete in your account. This amount is changed from default when setting up your account, the default amount is always 100 dollars. If you set this amount it means unless the account reaches that amount, no payment can be made. The amount ranges from 10 dollars to 1000000 dollars. However, this amount can be changed any time as long as they fit in the range.

  1. Deductions

This is where a certain amount of money is removed before the money reaches your account; this is done because of; return allowance and debit backdating. Return allowance is where a small amount withheld by the ClickBank for each payment that you get back in the period of 84 days, this amount is used to maintain and manage the quality issues that may arise in your account.

  1. Payment period

This is the period when payment is done. In ClickBank the payments are done on Wednesdays after every two weeks. All methods of payment can only receive their payment once in every two weeks except for direct deposit where one can receive payment once per week.

  1. Chargeback

A charge back happens when a client complains that they did not authorize the purchase. The funds are charged back. When such thing happens, ClickBank charges the merchant a fee because they have damaged their reputation; this is doe according to the charge back value.

To sum this up, you can appreciate that ClickBank affiliate program can be of much benefit to those people who are planning to join affiliate marketing on ClickBank. It is the best affiliate network to work with. To learn more about taking advantage of these opportunities with affiliate marketing it is always recommended to get training or coaching. if not you might struggle and may want to quit, don’t go that route!

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