January 20, 2021

21st century is considered as the world of technological revolution where every person relies on the usage of computer and the internet. People are taking advantage of making money through online marketing. This type of online undertaking is the quickest and easiest way to increase the merchant’s return on investment and the affiliates’ commission from generating more traffic.

It’s a fact that the Internet has countless capabilities to give you passive income. Entering into online business is probably one of the best decisions to make without having a big amount of money. One of the best internet marketing methods today is what you call email marketing.

The Basic of Email Marketing

What is email marketing? From the term itself, email marketing is making use of email as a form of ad campaign to your target customers. Through a commercial message, you directly send ads, solicit donations or sales, request business and other purposes. When you send emails, you are trying to build trust, loyalty and brand awareness to your potential buyers which can be done through a current customer database or solid lists.

Steps for Effective and Successful Email Marketing

Keep in mind that you need to set up emails with consistency to send your customers and generate leads. It is more effective when used with valuable content. Every email you made needs to have a purpose with specific goal. Here are the most important steps that you should take under email marketing.

1. Email list segmentation

Segment all your email lists into various groups to make sure that every group will get relevant content. Do not overly sell your products or services, but instead focus on the four important segments:

  • leads
  • customers
  • win-backs
  • newsletter

2. Setting up Expectations

Make sure that your email recipients will not be annoyed. With the right expectations, you will lessen the chance of surprising your recipients. Your mail recipients should be aware of the following important information:

  • reason why they should subscribe
  • number of emails they will receive
  • expected date of email delivery
  • content of the email
  • information about where the emails are being sent from

3. Give Ample Respect to Your Email Recipient’s Privacy

Of course, you do not want your email recipients to unsubscribe from your list.

Give them the assurance that you will never give their information to ant thirty party and honor their list removal request within ten business days.

4. Know Your Goal

Successful email campaigns started with achievable goals. This allows you to gauge the effectiveness of your online advertising campaign. Consider the following three important goals.

  • See how your email recipients adopt your new product
  • Make an announcement of your upcoming event and see how many are interested to register
  • Send a email to engage people and motivate them to subscribe to your blog

5. Email Marketing Testing

Test sending your email to your friends or employees to ensure that mails won’t be caught by their spam filters.

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