January 16, 2021

Affiliate marketing is basically making money from online sales; these sales result from marketing a product for a company on different digital platforms. The merchants or the developers, who are the company or individual you market the products for, are responsible for paying out a commission to you according to the agreement you reach. The merchants also can deice to use network instead of making all the transactions themselves. A network is basically a medium that links the merchants and the affiliate marketers; it is a platform where the merchants put their products which a fee of course, the affiliate marketers then accesses the networks platform and choose the products they can market. ClickBank is the best example of a network. So how does ClickBank work? Well it plays all the functions that a network should play in affiliate marketing. However it will be explained in details in this article.

The importance of affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing has turned out to be very important to all the players in the online marketing business, be it to the merchants, the marketers and even to the customers.

To the merchants

Merchants are one of the key players in affiliate marketing. It is very important for a merchant to use affiliate marketing, here are some of the benefits a merchant gets when the use affiliate marketing.

  • It is cheap

Using affiliate marketers to market your products as a merchant is very cheap compared to stressing way of having to make billboards or making advertisements on multi-media. For this one, you join a network just for free and you put there your products which are marketed and you only pay for the sales. You also reach the clients you could have not reached with other methods of marketing.

  • You only pay after the sales

Unlike other methods of marketing where you pay for the marketing before you even sell anything, with affiliate marketing, as a merchant you only pay out the commission once a product has been sold. This is a more convenient method than billboard and multi-media advertisements because you cannot waste money paying for a product you are not even sure if it will sell, this can get you to a losing side.

  • You can get long-lasting results

With affiliate marketing, a merchant test results that will last for a long time. Marketing of your product can be done by affiliate marketers for as long time as possible, this means that the clients will keep coming for a long time. Another thing is that you can get very many affiliate marketers who will in turn market your product for a longer time.

  • It is time saving

Affiliate marketing will save you a lot of time because you will not be running around looking for potential customers. The customers will be channeled to your products by marketers.

To the marketers;

As an affiliate marketer you get to enjoy a lot of benefits too working in this sector, here are the benefits that you will get from affiliate marketing;

  • You can earn money comfortably

As an affiliate marketer you don’t have a stress of coming up with the products or manufacturing for you to earn. All you need is to find a product and run an advert through your website or social media platforms just at your comfort zone. You don’t need to walk around with the products, all you need is to put the link of the products and their advertisement to digital platforms and if a client makes a purchase via your link, you earn.

  • There is no limitation of earning

In affiliate marketing there is no limit of the money you can earn, it entirely depends on your efforts and creativity. It is even possible that you can earn more then what an employed person earn just if you lead to many sales through your link. You can also be able to market more than one product.

  • You will get your website known

This is a way of getting your website or a small online company get know, this because of the traffic that will be looking to buy the products will get a link on your website as an affiliate marketer, this will increase traffic on your website.

Affiliate marketing and ClickBank network

How does ClickBank work in affiliate marketing? First you should understand what a network is. A network is a company or group of companies that acts as a bridge or a platform where the affiliate marketers and the developers or publisher meet. A network is a virtual market where developers come with their products, the hand them to marketers who then look for clients on their behalf and they get paid for it. Before network came into picture as far as online marketing is concerned, the publisher had to look for affiliate marketers on their own which was a quite demanding job. How does ClickBank work as a network in online marketing? It plays a crucial role to bring about a win-win situation. At one point it will play a role of a publisher, when it is serving a marketer, and at another point it will play a role of a marketer when serving a merchant.

The role of affiliate networks

How does ClickBank work as a network? What are its functions? A network plays a very crucial function in online marketing; it is responsible for harmonizing all the workings and the interactions between the merchants, the marketers and the customers, here are the most important functions of a network;

  • Brings together the two parties– a network is responsible for linking the publisher and the marketer for them to reach an agreement of working together, it exposes a lot of products from the publishers to the marketers and at the same time it exposes a variety of marketers to the merchants. It gives every party a freedom to choose the best they can work with.
  • Provide tools for marketers– a network is responsible for providing the tools that a marketer can use to reach to their target market. The tools include banners and mails among others; this helps an affiliate to reach the market easily.
  • Helps affiliates to get better merchants-a network is responsible for bringing the information to the affiliates on the best merchants they can work with to get maximum commission from their work through the clicks, leads or sales.
  • Tracks the clicks, sales and leads– without a network it can be a very difficult work for a merchant to monitor and keep records of the clicks or the leads and the sales that originates from a specific affiliate platforms, this helps a lot when it comes to determining the commission to pay out. Both the merchants and the affiliates will be satisfied if the network did the tracking because they will be both be sure that it is a genuine statistics.
  • A network acts as a mediator between the parties-this is because, the network is responsible for collecting all the commission that has been generated from the sales, it then makes a distributing among the affiliates according to the sales they have done. This is the most important job because it saves the merchants from the trouble of having to make calculations of the commissions of all the sales that have been made by specific marketers.
  • Offers a platform for merchants– a network has made things quite easy for merchants, they have no worries anymore about where to sell their products, all they do is make their products and put them on the network which deals with the marketing, the sales and the payments. A network basically does all the hard work for the merchants and gives them the pay.

That is the importance of doing your affiliate marketing through a network and it is also an advantage to a merchant when you opt to sell your product through a network. Joining a network is absolutely free whether you are joining as a merchant or an affiliate marketer, all you have to do is create an account with them and you are good to start business.


ClickBank is a very big internet market or we can call it a network that allows merchants to put their products on the market for purchase. ClickBank also gives the affiliate marketers a chance to interact with the merchants so that they can market their products for them. This is basically a virtual market that acts as a medium between merchants and affiliate marketers.

How ClickBank works

So how does ClickBank work? Just like any other network involved in marketing, you will have to join on the network, choose a product, market it and if you get the sales through your link, you get pain the commission. Here is a breakdown of how you can make money with ClickBank;

  1. Join ClickBank- the first thing you will have to do is to sign up with ClickBank; this is very simple and free. All you need to do is to get access to their website, fill up the information and register.
  2. Find a product to market– this is the second step you will need to go through. You can navigate through the ClickBank website and look for a suitable product that you can market. It is very important to research on the product you intend to promote before you choose, check on the relevance of the product and the reviews to know if it can be easily sold or not.
  3. Get the link of the product– after you have selected a product you wish to market, ClickBank will generate for you a special link called a hoplink, this link is so specific for you and it helps them track all your leads and sales.
  4. Start marketing– this is now the most important part, you can use the generated link to direct traffic towards the product on the merchant’s website. You can be creative here when you talk about the product so that the clients can follow the link to make a purchase. Put the link on your website and all social media platforms to expose the product to a wide market
  5. Earning– this is the ultimate stage in ClickBank, after you have done your marketing well, clients will click on the hoplink you have put on the digital platforms, the link will then direct the clients to the merchant’s website and once they make a purchase of the product, you will get paid in form of a commission. The more purchases are made through your link, the more commission you get.

Payment arrangements in ClickBank

How does ClickBank work when it comes to payment? There are different arrangements when it comes to payment in ClickBank; however this entirely depend on the payment guidelines that are given by the merchant, there are three most common arrangements that are used to determine your payment. These are;

  • Pay-per-click

This is an arrangement in which you get paid as an affiliate marketer when a client just clicks on the link you have provided. There are very few merchants that use this arrangement but it can be good. You will get paid once a client clicks on the link and enters the website; it doesn’t matter if the client makes a purchase or not, just as long as they show up on the site.

  • Pay-pre-sale

This is an arrangement where as an affiliate marketer you get paid when a client enters the website through your link and make a purchase. It is very important to note here that for you to be paid, a client must make a purchase.

  • Pay-per-lead

In this kind of arrangement, an affiliate marketer will get paid if a client through his or her link signs up to the target website as leads. This means that if a client declines to sigh in as a lead you cannot be paid.

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