5 Tips to Kick-Start Your Small Business Online in 2020 (and BEYOND)

Are you looking to kick-start your small business online but just don’t know where to begin?

Yea, I get it, nowadays, a lot of people talk when it comes to having a small business online, but not very many people REALLY know what it takes to get results online.

If you are looking to start your small business online it is important you have an understanding of the fundamental skills that are necessary if you ever want to have any long term results.

Believe me, when I say that I have been online for 7+ years now I struggled year after year getting nowhere spinning my wheels not knowing where to begin, I spent literally thousands online.

Back when I first started online it wasn’t as popular as it is now, and now more then ever people are looking for a real way to start a small business online without all the headache.

Below I have put together some tips based on MY personal experience, that I believe will help you accelerate your results and get you to where you need to be.

Tip #1: No overnight success

OK, I know this seems like an obvious one but you would be surprised at what having this kind of mindset does, in simplest terms it will only disappoint you in the end. Do not think that you are going to put in little to no effort and you will see big rewards right away. This business takes time to understand and implement and it takes time to reap in the rewards.

Tip #2 Be Willing to Learn

I spent years worth of my time and energy, and years worth of working dead-end job after dead-end job, figuring this out. Take my word for it when you are learning this all alone it can be a very lonely path and nobody will understand what you are trying to accomplish. My #1 tip for you is to get some training from someone who is more experienced than you to learn the ropes.

Tip #3 Be Willing to Take Action

We all know that at the end of the day if you sit around and wish and hope for things to get done without ever doing anything you are only wishful thinking and daydreaming. Remember this, anything worth having takes effort and takes action. There is more to working out (for example) than just reading a book on how to lose 10 lbs, without implementation you will get nowhere!

Tip #4 Find a Topic or Niche that Interests you

Find something that interests you, is it Weight Loss? Personal Development? What is the topic that you LOVE? Are you a good COOK? Find a topic that is in demand and that you love to do, even topics for example as Golf you can be passionate about and there are loads of people looking for that information on how to do it. Always find something you are interested in because if you are not you will have a hard time want to take action and put in the effort to get the necessary results.

Tip #5 Build an Email List

My final tip for you is to focus on building an email list of people who are interested in the same topic as you. Develop a relationship with your email list and build authority, so that they know, like and trust you. When you have an email list in a topic you are passionate about you can always follow up at any time and offer similar offers that will help your audience. Having a list ranks high at the top of my list because you are creating an asset that can reap in the rewards for years to come, and when you have an asset can’t nobody take it away from you!

Those are just a few tips I have for you kickstart your small business online, I know you are eager to get started and probably are sick and tired of that B.S 9-5 slave job.

Just know that there are many options and opportunities out there and if you have the desire for it you will learn how it is done, and do what is necessary to succeed in the long term.

If you are ready to take your online business to the next level, go here.

To YOUR Success!

Matthew Trujillo


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