People seek email marketing examples that can be a great source of inspiration and creativity. If you are truly resourceful, you will be able to get good number of results. The examples that presented below are subjective rather than objective and focused according to design preference. Additionally, the examples will highlight three email principles that are appealing and bring actual results.

Simple Email that Raises Conversion

Hammock is a B2B content marketing company that provides help to their client in formulating and executing content market strategies. The company observed that the newsletters are not delivering the expected click-through rates and the open rates. Their analysis reveals that the email marketing campaigns are heavy in content and clearly self-promoting. As a remedy, they resorted to simply the email and concentrate on adding value for the benefit of the customer.

Relevant Email Raises Revenue

In the U.S., Microsoft opens its brick and mortar stores, and with the new channel, the company did not have an accurate consumer data, which challenged them to find a way in segmenting it. They work in analyzing customer data points, segmenting the customers according to purchase history, creating content that is appealing to every segment and highlighting the ways that will benefit from the company’s services. Using the email channel, they are able to implement the strategy in the various segments resulting to raise in revenue.

Powerful Personal Emails

The Expert Institute – This organization provides attorneys and lawyers access to specialists useful in support for litigation. The firm commonly sends weekly newsletter containing updates of company services. The results of their campaign does not reach their standard and the unsubscribe rate is high. The company realized that they have to make their emails more personal. With that realization, they created a one-on-one email newsletter signed by the vice president, and ensure that they are using personal information.

These three email marketing examples renders sufficient inspiration and creativity to companies and delivers the essential principles needed to create an excellent email such as knowing the customer, being personal in approach and keeping it simple.

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